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Students and Parents Learn About Bees 

In the spring of 2022, beekeeper Clark Sloan and his wife Sharry visited Highplains Library in Greeley, Colorado to conduct an educational lesson about the how honeybees contribute to human and environmental sustainability.  Students and parents learned about pollination, the honeybee habitat, lifecycle, facts/myths, threats to the honeybee and how we can help.  Clark and Sharry exhibited authentic beekeeping tools, equipment, answered a lot of great questions and shared delicious samples of Clark's of Colorado Wildflower honey with all in attendance. 

Thank you to Collen Kulp, Children's Librarian, students and parents for engaging in the experience to learn about one of the most important little critters in the world....HONEYBEES!




Female worker bees convert the honey to beeswax.  Bees huddle together to increase the temperature in the hive which enables the wax glands in their abdomen to covert the sugar from honey into beeswax.  Sharry Sloan, owner of Sloan Family Farms, makes pure beeswax candles and shares information and samples of raw beeswax which actually smells like honey!  


Families enjoyed taking home free samples of Clark's of Colorado wildflower honey!  YUM!!!

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