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Bee on Flower
Bee on Flower

Shipping & Delivery Services

Clark's of Colorado offers delivery and shipping options to meet the needs of our customers!  Please see below for more details. Please note that there is a $50 trip charge for undeliverable orders. Contact us directly for more information here.

FREE Local Delivery

With a minimum $100 purchase, Clark's of Colorado offers FREE delivery to MOST Colorado Front Range locations within a 50 mile radius of our honey farm in Ft. Lupton, CO 80621.  Feel free to inquire if your location is eligible for FREE delivery by contacting us here.  

No Minimum Local Delivery

We are happy to deliver to locations within a 50 mile radius of our honey farm in Ft. Lupton, CO 80621 with NO minimum purchase for a flat $15 fee.  Please contact us directly to coordinate delivery.   Contact us here.  

Custom Shipping

The Items that qualify to ship are listed at the top of the retail shopping page.    We offer custom shipping on all other items.  Please contact us to get a shipping estimate BEFORE purchasing items.  There is a 5% cancellation fee on all orders.

Contact us here.  

Wholesale Deal

Wholesale customers receive preferred pricing and FREE delivery on most orders.  Please contact us for more information.  Contact us here.  

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