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One 16 oz. Wildflower Honey Jar (Glass Jar with Gold Metal Lid)

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This wildflower honey is a medium-dark brown full-bodied honey with notes of clover and a distinct sweetness. It is created from a natural gathering of nectar from the blossoms of various wildflowers and flowering trees.


Non-GMO Honey
It is well documented that conventional honey is intrinsically non-GMO. Honeybees are not genetically modified. Honey is produced from the nectar of plants, which is not exposed to artificial manipulation in a laboratory.


Our Honey is QUALITY ASSURED through Strict FDA APPROVED Regulatory Requirements, third party AUDITING & we have earned the USDA ORGANIC SEAL on our line of 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Products


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Raw Kosher Pure Wildflower 16 oz. Honey Jar

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