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10 lbs. Beeswax (FREE SHIPPING)

10 lbs. Beeswax (FREE SHIPPING)

Excluding Sales Tax

Pure Beeswax 

10 one-pound bricks

Lightly filtered (to get out bees' knees)

Our 100% pure beeswax is made by Colorado bees, it’s sustainable, renewable, naturally free from toxins, antibacterial and chemical free!


This price includes FREE shipping to mainland USA (not Alaska, nor Hawaii)  Contact us for more information.





Conditioning wood cutting boards and wooden utensils

Grease cookie sheets

Seasoning cast-iron skillets

Natural furniture polish

Lubricate drawers and doors of wooden furniture

Waterproof and polish your shoes naturally

Helps prevent rust on garden tools

Sewing-helps support thread from fraying and breaking

Make an old-fashioned wax seal on your letters, stationary or other items that you mail

Rub it on those rough dry heels

Water repellent

Cheese waxing

Sewing (coat thread to prevent breakage)

Homemade cosmetics/lip balms/lotions/

Metalworking/floors/cabinets/furniture & more


Homemade crayons

Pinecone fire starters