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Craft Breweries Sourcing Honey as a Natural Sweetener with Exciting Flavors and Aromas!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The beer industry has changed. Brewers are pushing the boundaries of flavor and taste; consumers are committed to trying anything at least once. It’s the perfect situation for craft brewers to thrive.

It’s also the perfect situation for brewing with honey. This all-natural ingredient changes the outcome of the final recipe and marketing strategy in many ways.

Want your beer to have depth and a complex flavor profile? Add a dark varietal during the boil.

Want a sweet finishing note on your holiday beer? Add honey at the last stages of the boil.

Want to bottle condition your beers? Add honey.

Want a unique market position and labeling that stops shoppers in the beer aisle? Use honey iconography on your cans and bottles.

There are plenty of reasons to brew with honey. Flavor, function and marketing are just the start.

*Source: National Honey Board

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Honey is a versatile, highly-fermentable substance that’s great in specialty and holiday beers, nut brown or pumpkin ales, and especially strong beers that you intend to age for a while. Cream stouts, porters, light lagers, pale ales and witbiers, not to mention Belgian ales, are just a few of the possibilities.


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